Share Your Voice: Pregnancy in the Outdoors

What did time outside mean for you during pregnancy?

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We’re working on a special series to air this spring and summer, inspired by the term matrescence, that will examine the physical, psychological, and emotional changes people go through during the monumental transformation that is becoming a parent. We want to know how experiencing this major life change can affect our relationships with our bodies, inner selves, and the natural world—from pregnancy through postpartum and new parenthood.

Why? Because becoming a parent is a profound transition point in life, and it can be all-consuming and isolating in many ways. We want to help parents (or aspiring parents, or those just curious) better understand all that can happen during this time of intense transition, and feel less alone in it, even if each journey is unique in itself.

Note: This series will focus on birthing parents who have experienced pregnancy and postpartum journeys, but we also want to acknowledge that people become parents in other ways than giving birth, like surrogacy, adoption, or as non-birthing partners. We also know that not all pregnancies end with bringing a baby home. 

To accompany two longform interviews, we’re seeking voice submissions to add more perspectives to these episodes. If you’ve recently become a parent (or maybe not so recently if you have vivid memories), we’d love to hear from you.

Episode 1 will focus on pregnancy, and how we continue to live our outdoor lives as we care for ourselves and prepare for the many unknowns ahead.

For this episode, this is the question we’re hoping you’ll be able to answer:

What did time outside mean for you during pregnancy?

Did you spend time on the trail or on the water while your body was not just your own? Did you carry hopes or anxiety or pressure or unknowns out there with you? Tell us what that time spent outside meant for you during pregnancy.

Please submit a 1-2 minute (MAX) voice memo below or leave a voice mail via 617-917-4721. First names will be used within the body of the episode, full names (as requested) will be listed at the end and linked in show notes. We may not be able to include all the submissions, but will listen to each and every one!

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Submission close Friday, May 28th

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Note: By submitting a voice memo or written submission, you’re giving and She Explores podcast permission to publish and/or lightly edit your voice and words in part or entirety. 

Recording Tips: As tricky as it is to do, try to forget about the fact that you’re recording. Hold your phone/microphone away from your mouth. Talk like you’re telling a story to a friend. Listen back and forgive yourself the sound of your own voice – you’re the only one who feels that way about it <3

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