Episode 23: Mental Health & the Outdoors

Featuring Florence Williams & Sonya Pevzner

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A discussion on the ways spending time outside impacts our mental health. We interview Florence Williams, author of “The Nature Fix” (we review it here!) and Sonya Pevzner, who blogs about anxiety and depression as it relates to the outdoors. In addition, we hear from listeners about their experiences with depression and anxiety and the ways you’ve found healing through outdoor activities as simple as walks in nature and as challenging as canyoneering for the first time.

At the end of the episode, we chat with Jen Gurecki, founder of Coalition Snow about their current kickstarter. They’re so close to their goal!

Purchase Williams’s “The Nature Fix.”

Note: We misspoke in citing Sonya’s blog, it is www.pevzdispenser.com

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Author Florence Williams (Photo by Sue Barr)


Sonya Pevzner
Coalition Snow Kickstarter!


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8 thoughts on “Episode 23 – A Safe Space: Mental Health & the Outdoors

  1. I really appreciated this episode – I’ve dealt with depression on and off since high school and have definitely noticed there is a feedback loop between how active I am and my mood.

    I love biking to work, but I’ve been struggling with motivating myself to do so lately rather than just taking the bus and this is a good reminder.

    It also made me think that even during my work day there’s more I can do to get outdoors/be active. I work on a beautiful university campus and should really take advantage of it more and go for walks on my lunch breaks or eat outside when it’s nice out.

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