Episode 55: What They Have in Common – Pure Land

Episode 55: What They Have In Common – Pure Land

Interview with Author and Journalist Annette McGivney

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Annette McGivney is a journalist and the author of the book Pure Land.


When Annette says that she has something in common with a murderer, she’s right. And she also has something in common with a tourist from Japan, as well as the American landscape. Annette doesn’t hold anything back – at her core, she’s a journalist. She investigates her own story like she investigates that of all the subjects in the book. Each person came alive through her diligent research, resulting in a tribute to a curious woman named Tomomi, sympathy for the man who killed her, and a reunion with Annette’s childhood self.

Annette’s is a story of trauma, healing, and connection. While there’s darkness, there’s a lot of light. Annette founded a nonprofit called Healing Lands Project to help bring children out into nature who have experienced trauma.  When you buy the book, a portion of the proceeds go to the nonprofit, or you can donate on the website.

Learn more about Pure Land, The Healing Lands Project, and Annette. Enjoy reading? Check out our book lists!    



Annette McGivney

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  1. Greta Matos says:

    Awesome episode!! Loved the depth of conversation on such essential topics and aspects of our human development, and the introduction to what sounds like an amazing book! Looking forward to reading Pure Land and also connecting with the Healing Lands Project and hopefully supporting in some capacity. Thanks for this one!!

  2. […] I’d love to backpack it end-to-end. I recently read Annette McGivney’s book, Pure Land, and interviewed her for the She Explores podcast. I so enjoyed learning more about its history, especially that of the […]

  3. Diana Fowles says:

    Annette did an amazing thing writing Pure Land. Thank you Annette..Diana Fowles

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