Episode 41: Permission Slip

Episode 41: Permission Slip

Interview with Amanda Machado

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Ever feel like you need permission to try something new? We talk with Amanda Machado, author of the Vox essay “The Strangeness of Being a Latina who Loves Hiking.” Amanda brings up the astute point that we so often look around us for permission to take a risk, when we just might not find it within our close circles. Amanda’s advice? Take the risk, with or without external approval.

We talk with Amanda about growing up in Florida, how she got into hiking and backpacking, and traveling the world in her 20’s. Most importantly, we find out what she’s passionate about right now, the ways in which she’s merging her interests and her communities, and how she’s using her talents as a writer to reach people.

Read more of Amanda’s work on her portfolio site.

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 Amanda on the Trail

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