Episode 150: Playing it Safe – Outdoor Rec & COVID-19

Episode 150: Playing it Safe

Outdoor Rec & COVID-19

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We’re heading into summer and parks and trails and beaches around the US are starting to open up again amidst the pandemic. As hikers, paddlers, climbers, runners, we crave time outside, but we also have a responsibility to do so in a way that respects the health of others and the land we’re on. We hear from four women who can help guide us in the right direction as we step out into this strange, familiar world.

Featuring Katie Boué of Outdoor Advocacy Project, Angela Howe, Esq. of Surfrider Foundation, resident pathologist Favia Dubyk, and Emergency Room Registered Nurse Nadia Mercado.

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Featured in this episode: Katie Boué, Nadia Mercado, Favia Dubyk, Angela Howe, Laura Borichevsky, and Lora Straub

Hosted by Gale Straub

Music in this episode is by  Swelling, Meydan, Lee Rosevere, and Kai Engel using a Creative Commons attribution license.


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Featured in the episode:

Katie Boué, founder of The Outdoor Advocacy Project; Photo by Jo Savage

Angela Howe, Esq. Legal Director for Surfrider Foundation

Feline Favia, Resident Pathologist

Nadia Mercado, RN

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