Episode 38: On Paper

Episode 38: On Paper

Interview with Journalist Shelby Stanger

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What do you do when your life looks great “on paper” but it isn’t the life you want? We talk with Shelby Stanger, journalist and host of the podcast “Wild Ideas Worth Living” about what she gained when she left a high paying job 9 years ago to pursue a freelance journalism career.

For Shelby, what looked good on paper, a job that looked fantastic in other people’s eyes and that she’d told herself should look great in her own, resulted in a dissonance that lead her to make a big life change. It’s a feeling we can all relate to – that friction in our mind when everything is not as it appears.

Shelby is a big personality: she’s warm, confident and funny. She loves surfing, diving deep into other people’s stories, and teaching – whether its through her work or guiding women to learn how to surf.

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Shelby Stanger doing what she loves.

By Sydney Prather

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