Episode 61: Offline – In Open Air

Episode 61: Offline – In Open Air

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In partnership with Columbia Sportswear.  

Banner image by Gale Straub

What happens when we go offline for a camping and hiking trip in the Olympic Peninsula with a plein air painter and a food blogger? We get really inspired.

In a lot of ways, this is a simple episode about making friends offline. But it’s also about the headspace you cultivate when you step outside and how that makes room for thought and inspiration. And it’s also about experiencing an outdoor space through creative work and wanting to dig deeper than surface level when recreating.

Last August, Columbia Sportswear brought Megan McDuffie and Heidi Annalise and (host) Gale Straub together for a backpacking trip. They learn about the surprising things they have in common, as well as the landscape around them. And to learn more, Gale calls up local Lorraine Greene, a member of the Makah tribe.

Photos by Gale Straub unless otherwise noted below.


Megan McDuffie, food blogger and co-founder of Fresh Off the Grid

Heidi Annalise, plein air tiny landscape painter

Lorraine Greene, member of Makah Tribe

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Music is by Lee Rosevere, Kai Engel, and Chris Zabriskie via freemusicarchive.org.

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Music also “Everything That Happened” by Snow Palms.



camp cooking

Heidi and Megan making dinner

Heidi Annalise Art

Heidi Annalise on the trail

Lorraine Greene driving on the beach

A painting by Heidi Annalise, made on the Olympic Peninsula. Photo courtesy of Columbia Sportswear.

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The Sea is My Country by Joshua L. Reid

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