Episode 80: The Musical Mountaineers

Episode 80: The Musical Mountaineers

Anastasia Allison & Rose Freeman

Banner image by Rose Freeman

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Anastasia and Rose hike their violin and keyboard, respectfully, into the mountains of Washington to play music to greet the rising sun. In doing so, they hope to inspire others to share their own gifts with the world.

A little over a year ago, Anastasia Allison and Rose Freeman met in person and found out they had the same dream: to play music in the backcountry (in a low impact and respectful fashion). They decided to load up a violin and keyboard and give it a try, becoming “The Musical Mountaineers.” You can watch videos of them playing in the mountains in all seasons – surrounded by snow and in the height of summer.

In this episode, Anastasia and Rose record a recent hike up Sahale arm in the North Cascades and share what makes it special for them and for others.

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Featuring: Anastasia Allison and Rose Freeman

Hosted by Gale Straub 

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Music is performed by The Musical Mountaineers

Music is also by Jason Shaw via freemusicarchive.org.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

– How Anastasia and Rose got started as “The Musical Mountaineers” – carrying their instruments to play music as the sun rises and sets in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest
– The sounds of the two women hiking up to Sahale Arm in the Cascades to play a sunrise “concert”
– How the women practice Leave No Trace when they perform and why they don’t tell anyone that they’re going to be out there
– The challenges and rewards of hiking instruments up 3,500 feet to play
– The mission behind “The Musical Mountaineers” and how it’s evolved
– The ways playing music in the backcountry has impacted them personally
– How they improvise to create new music together
– What makes Anastasia and Rose a good team
– How letting go of perfection in music relates to every day life and other lessons we can draw from their performances
– And about the Women on the Road Gathering in Taos, NM!

The Musical Mountaineers – Hiking Sahale Arm

Anastasia Hiking – photo by Rose Freeman

Rose Hiking – photo by Anastasia Allison

Flowers on the Pass – Photo by Rose Freeman

Playing at Sahale Arm

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