Episode 107: Mothers and Daughters, Outdoors

Episode 107: Mothers and Daughters, Outdoors

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Banner image of Liz Song and her mom backpacking in the Grand Canyon

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A celebration of motherhood, outdoors and otherwise. In this episode, you’ll hear from mothers and daughters; it’s equal parts a letter of thanks and a guidebook of sorts for a life best lived outdoors.

We asked:

  1. What’s your best memory with your mom outdoors?
  2. What landscapes and outdoor places make you think of your mom?
  3. What do you hope for your children’s relationship with the outdoors?
  4. What outdoor knowledge and advice do you (Mom) want to pass down?
  5. Why is today (Mother’s Day) special to you? Why is it complicated?

We hear from both familiar and new voices as listeners and past guests answer these questions as more as we honor mothers this May.

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Featured in this episode: Tori Duhaime, Nadia Mercado, Melody and Angelica Forsyth, Alison, Meg Day, Lana Lee Wright, Liz Song Mandell, Caro Garcia, Jasmine, Elissa Story, Jenni Goldman, Lynn Doiron, Anastasia Alison, Kathleen Ruland, and Laura Hughes.

Hosted by Gale Straub

Music is by Lee Rosevere, Kai Engel, and Josh Woodward using CC by A license. 

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Mothers and Daughters!

“The Impossible Thank You” 

What was it like when you imagined me for the first time? When you thought of everything that I could become?
When you knew everything that I could be?
What was it like when you saw me for the first time?
What was it like when you looked into my eyes and saw the spark of you?
What was it like when you touched my skin?
Did you feel your own heart beating… only to discover that it was mine?
A brand new heart.
Beating with the steady rhythm of life.

This is for the moments when I forgot that I was a miracle.
This is for the times when I forgot who I was.
This is for the time when I didn’t remember that I carry a piece of you in my heart.

It’s the impossible thank you for the gift of life
And so I say, over and over
I will hold this spark
And make it grow
And when you see it shining on the mountains at dawn
When you see it shimmer in a small drop of dew
When you see it flash across the sky in a storm
You will know the words
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

Anastasia Allison

Jessie, Lana, and their son Steven

Melody Forsyth and her daughter Angelina

Kathleen and Anastasia

Avi and Caro

Jenny and Jasmine

Liz Song and her mom on the trail

Lily, Lynn, and Evelyn Doiron

Meg and Fern

Jenni Goldman and her daughters!

Nadia and Clariza and Bryce Canyon National Park; photo by James Q Martin

Tori and mom Shari

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