Episode 99: Making Time for Nature (In Winter, Too!)

Episode 99 – Making Time for Nature

(In Winter, Too!)

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How to make time for nature, even in the winter season. It can be be all too easy to get into a groove that doesn’t include the outdoor activities you love — but that’s OK, too. This episode shares some practical tips for experiencing nature year round.

We talk to She Explores and Women on the Road team members Noël Russell, Laura Hughes, and Hailey Hirst about how they incorporate nature into their everyday lives, and why it isn’t always easy.

Tips for experiencing nature close to home year round:

  • Eat your meals outside
  • Walking your dog
  • Driving with your window open
  • Try a new activity: snowshoeing, cross country skiing, skating, ice climbing, ice fishing – for a few ideas!
  • Go out with a friend that loves cold weather
  • Treat yourself to something you love after you step outside
  • Read an adventurous book and experience some ‘armchair’ outdoor time
  • Sent up a tent inside!
  • Bring some plants into your home
  • Take note of the ‘in-between’ moments: shoveling snow, the light through the trees, a bird in the distance

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Featured in this episode: Noël Russell, Laura Hughes, and Hailey Hirst

Hosted by Gale Straub

Music is by Lee Rosevere and Kai Engel using CC by A license

Ambient Sound recordings by Laura Hughes, Jon Gaffney, and Gale Straub

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Nature sounds from New Hampshire and Utah!
  • How Noël taps into nature while living in a city
  • Why walking her dogs helps Noël experience nature on weekdays
  • Why it can be harder to spend time outside in the winter
  • Suggested new activities to try this season
  • Why Women on the Road podcast host Laura Hughes has conflicting feelings about winter
  • How hiking in Moab has helped Laura learn about her new home
  • Why Hailey Hirst has spent more time inside than usual this winter
  • How an injury can change your perspective
  • Advice Noël, Laura, and Hailey have for tapping into nature year round

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How Noël, Laura, and Hailey have been spending time outside this winter…

Noël and her husband Jonnie make a point of picnicking

Laura is discovering Moab – it helps to have a friend along, too. Photo by Enrique Ortiz.

Hailey’s been bringing the outdoors while recovering from injury

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  1. So happy to have found your podcast.This was my first episode and I loved it. Living in northwestern Vermont, it created a sense of camaraderie…I’m not alone in wishing to be outdoors more this time of year. Loved Noella’s idea of indoor camping (fun!) and Gale’s idea of setting an intention to get outside with a treat of some kind included for those extra-tough motivation days. Thanks for the beautiful listening experience as I had a movement session (indoors) this morning. I’m planning to get out today even though it’s very cold, for at least a few minutes because of this episode.

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