Episode 109: Low Waste Camper and Garden Ranger Cindy Villaseñor

Episode 109: Teaching by Example

Low Waste Camper and Garden Ranger Cindy Villaseñor

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Cindy Villaseñor is an Enrich LA Garden Ranger who strives to live a low waste lifestyle. She also loves camping, gardening outside of work, and eats vegan. Cindy didn’t grow up doing any of these things, but one teacher led her to where she is today.

Cindy hasn’t left people behind in choosing a low waste and vegan lifestyle, instead, she invites people in through leading by example. She knows there’s no such thing as perfection, so why make others feel bad that they’re not doing enough?

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Featured in this episode: Cindy Villaseñor

Hosted by Gale Straub

Music is by Lee Rosevere and Kai Engel using CC by A license. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • About how Cindy’s career path changed when she took an environmental science class
  • What she does as a Garden Ranger with Enrich LA and why she enjoys teaching others
  • The power of leading by example
  • Low waste camping tips
  • Why aiming for zero waste isn’t always accessible or realistic
  • About Cindy’s low waste wedding at a nursery in Los Angeles
  • Why Yosemite is so important to her and her husband

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Bonus: Cindy’s first solo camping trip!

Cindy in Action

Cindy teaching kids as a Garden Ranger at Enrich LA

Re-usable containers!

Cindy solo camping

Low waste camping!

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