LIVE Catch-Up: Shelma Jun

LIVE Catch-Up

Interview with Shelma Jun

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Catch-up with Shelma Jun, founder of Flash Foxy and the creator of the women’s climbing festival. Shelma was on the show back in 2017, when we talked about the founding of Flash Foxy and the ripple effect of starting small in a place she knew, the climbing community.

In an Instagram live catch-up Gale did with Shelma on Thursday, we talked about her lessons from 2020, particularly the way societal work week’s inhibit our community activations and the changes to her body after choosing to be a living kidney donor back in June. Shelma also shares what she is looking forward to in the future: from dance parties to her readiness to bring climbers back together for the Women’s Climbing Festival when it’s safe to do so.

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Banner image above courtesy of Shelma Jun.

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Featured in this episode: Shelma Jun

Hosted by Gale Straub

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