LIVE Catch-Up: Kareemah Batts

LIVE Catch-Up

Interview with Kareemah Batts

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Gale and Kareemah chatting live on She Explores Instagram

Catch-up with Kareemah Batts, founder of Adaptive Climbing Group, diversity professional, and disability advocate.  Kareemah was on the show back in May of 2018, talking about her journey of finding climbing after losing a leg to cancer, and all that she’s done to share her love of climbing with others. As a Black adaptive climber, Kareemah holds multiple identities and is wildly motivated to continue making the outdoor world more accessible for all people.

In an Instagram live catch-up Gale did with Kareemah on Friday, we talked about her 2020. All the good, all the difficult. As someone who falls in the category of high risk for COVID, we were moved by her ability to continue to take on new challenges and deepen her relationship with the outdoors during a year she described as a “bad ex” you’d rather not mention by name.

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Featured in this episode: Kareemah Batts

Hosted by Gale Straub

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