LIVE Catch-Up: Erin Sullivan

LIVE Catch-Up

Interview with Erin Sullivan

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Erin Sullivan and Gale Straub

Catch-up with Erin Sullivan, the creative behind @ErinOutdoors. Erin was first on the show back in February 2017, talking about her winding path to a freelance creative career inspired by the outdoors.

In an Instagram live catch-up Gale did with Erin on Thursday, they chatted about how Erin’s been making time for nature and creativity during the pandemic and how we should all offer ourselves grace during this stressful time. As always, Erin came through with a lot of practical advice for anyone who recharges through creativity and time in nature.

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Banner image above courtesy of Erin Sullivan.

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Featured in this episode: Erin Sullivan

Hosted by Gale Straub

Music is by Jacob Montague and Utah licensed via MusicBed.


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