Episode 85: Leading with Humility – Tsedo Sherpa-Ednalino

Episode 85: Leading with Humility

Interview with Tsedo Sherpa-Ednalino

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Tsedo Sherpa-Ednalino is the COO of Sherpa Adventure Gear. Leading with humility (and flexibility) is part of her Sherpa heritage and it’s a tenet of her life as an executive and a mother.

Sherpa Adventure Gear was founded by Tsedo’s father in 2003 to help elevate the Sherpa people and the “unsung heroes of Everest.” Tsedo grew up learning about the apparel business from her parents and still looks up to them as role models in work and life. In this episode, we get to learn from Tsedo and the way her family has used their business to create quality gear that has a positive impact on the Sherpa culture.

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Featuring: Tsedo Sherpa-Ednalino, COO of Sherpa Adventure Gear

Hosted by Gale Straub 

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

– Tsedo talk about why working moms shouldn’t be the only parents to
get the question ‘how do you do it all?’
– About why Tsedo loves international travel and wants to share that with her 3 year old daughter
– Origin story of Sherpa Adventure Gear
– Sherpa cultural attributes (welcoming, warm, friendly, humble, adaptable ) and how Tsedo identifies with them
– How Sherpa Adventure Gear elevates Sherpa culture by employing women and funding education for children in Nepal
– Advice for women looking to work in the outdoor industry and rise through the ranks
– Who Tsedo’s role models are
– The unique challenges and benefits to working for a family business
– How motherhood has improved Tsedo’s time management

Tsedo & the work of Sherpa Adventure Gear

Tsedo with her daughter

Sherpa Adventure Gear knitters in Nepal. To date, they’ve employed over 900 people in Nepal.

Children benefited by education provided by Sherpa Adventure Gear fund

Links/Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

– Sherpa Adventure Gear: Website

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  1. Kaitlin Westphal says:

    I recently listened to this episode and was extremely excited because it directly tied to a Non-Profit I’m working with call Team Gyan. Our purpose is to rebuild the schools in rural communities of Nepal with earthquake-resistant technology and structures to ensure that every child in Nepal can have access to at least a basic education in a safe environment. The founder Suman Kumar is from Nepal and now studying engineering in the US to try to get the skills needed to help build his company. In the podcast and on the Sherpa Adventure Gear website, there was a talk about giving back to the Nepal community and a focus on education. We would love to hear more about your story and any advice for starting an organization in Nepal.

    Faebook website link: https://www.facebook.com/uofrgyan/?ref=br_rs

    • sheexplores says:

      Hi Katlin! We relayed your message to Sherpa and got this response: We’re glad the episode resonated with you and are excited to hear about the non-profit you’re working with. Please feel free to contact laurie@boldbrewteam.com so she can connect you with the best people over at Sherpa.

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