Episode 136: Working Towards a Greater Good – Jennifer McLaren

Episode 136: Working Towards a Greater Good

Interview with Jennifer McLaren, Smartwool CEO

Sponsored by Smartwool 

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Jennifer McLaren doesn’t have a five year plan for her career in the outdoor industry, but she knows her personal values will continue to align with the work she’s doing. Why? From her start in finance to her current role as CEO at Smartwool, Jen has worked hard, learned a lot, and developed a personal toolkit that means she can take her skills and apply them in an industry she’s passionate about.

In partnership with Smartwool, we talk with their CEO Jennifer McLaren about how her love of the outdoors and a career in finance collided to take her where she’s at today: the leader of a purpose-driven company.

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Featured in this episode: Jennifer McLaren

Hosted by Gale Straub

Music is by Josh Woodward, Kai Engel, Meydan, and Lee Rosevere using a CC by A license. 

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Jennifer (second from left) in New Zealand with growers.

Jen on team ride from Steamboat Springs to Denver, CO for Outdoor Retailer

Jennifer McLaren and family

Jennifer with her family in Utah.


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  1. Stephen Jack says:

    Here I am, a supplier to Smartwool working late, (almost 9 pm) with my sheep putting specially selected rams to specially selected ewes the ram to the ewes to provide the wonderfully soft and durable wool in the Hiker range of Smartwool socks.
    Smartwool’s long term involvement with New Zealand’s woolgrowers is important and cannot be understated, not only do they empower growers with long term contracts and communicate their what and why.
    But I know for me personally it provides an enterprise that steps lightly on the land as other competing land uses do not.
    With Sheep our native fish (galaxids) show a resilience not possible with other land uses.
    Our Native Birds, Tui, Bellbirds, fantails, waxeyes and falcons get to do what they do among the native scrub and tussocks our sheep call home.
    I guess what I’m saying is Jen’s idea of the greater good is possibly bigger than she imagines.
    Go well with your new promotion Jen, I think you’ll always have wools interests at heart.
    Stephen Jack
    Proud Smartwool Supplier.

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