Episode 60: HumaNature – The Hunt

Episode 60: HumaNature – The Hunt

Featuring Jessi Johnson

Banner image courtesy of Allie D’Andrea

Jessi Johnson is a bowhunter and a public lands advocate. She works full time at the Wyoming Wildlife Federation and cofounded Artemis, “bold sportswomen creating fresh tracks for conservation.” This week we’re presenting a story from the HumaNature podcast (hosted by Caroline Ballard) about how one backcountry trip lead her on a heartbreaking odyssey. It’s an episode that will make you think about what thought and care (or lack there of) goes into sourcing your food.

You can see photos and videos from Jessi’s hunt, and more information about her nonprofit work, at HumaNaturePodcast.org. You can also hear more stories about human experiences in nature there, too.

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Jessi Johnson and Caroline Ballard

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Jessi Johnson, photo by Allie D’Andrea – a fellow Artemis Co-founder

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  1. Ashley McMullen says:

    What a beautiful episode. Not only did Jessi tell an incredible and vividly painted story, you can tell she cares for the animals she hunts and cares for the environment. My husband has grown up hunting, and most of the men in my family did as well. My husband shares Jessi’s view of taking the time to be thankful for each animal that gives him the opportunity to hunt it, and does so as part of conservation. Also, much like Jessi, we eat what we kill to minimize the amount of meat we buy in stores, and because we know where the animals came from – they were living healthy, full lives. The story resonated so well, and I hope people who hold strong stereotypes about hunting can listen to this episode and walk away with a new perspective. Not all people share this loving, kind attitude, but I feel like most hunters I know do. And it was very touching to hear about such an emotional experience. I’m so glad you shared this with us!

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