Episode 2 – On Fear #2: Human Powered Travel

Episode 2: Human Powered Travel

Interview With Julie Hotz



Julie Hotz is a filmmaker and photographer living in Los Angeles. For episode 2 of the She Explores podcast, we continued on the topic of fear. We talked with Julie about her affinity for “human-powered” travel. Her most recent journey took her from Los Angeles to Glacier National Park by bicycle and from there to the ocean through by hiking the Pacific Northwest Trail.

As beautiful as Julie’s photographs are, we learn that a long bicycle trip or thru hike is not really about the landscape – it’s about discovering deep truths about yourself.

This episode is unique in that it also includes sounds Julie recorded along her way. We hope you enjoy!

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From Julie’s Journey

Julie's hiking partner, Grace.

Julie’s hiking partner, Grace.




All photos above by Julie Hotz. You can see more of her work on her portfolio and Instagram.

What challenge have you been afraid to take on?

  1. Narissa says:

    This is by far my favorite Podcast episode. I have listen to it so many times and it is so inspirational. It shows that sometime life can be hard and the future unclear but that it all works out somehow and that we all can fight our anxieties and get through those impossible struggles. Doing so by simply changing the attitude you have in certain moments. Thank you so much for sharing and She explorer is for me a great inspiration to keep perusing the outdoors and my dreams.

    • sheexplores says:

      Thanks for sharing Narissa. Julie is such a light and I’m happy that her experience is helping you keep perspective in your own life. We’ll have to do an update with her soon!

    • Kelly Moody says:

      Yes! I agree. I have been traveling for years, and doing adventures like this, and it always comes down to the mind and our perceptions. This inspires me as a women who often has anxiety about doing these kind of adventures alone. On top of the physical challenges, I think women have to get over the fear of being unsafe, especially trained into us sometimes. The anxiety can feel impossible to get through or get over, and especially when the future is unclear. When I look back on those times, I think to myself, could I have handled that more gracefully? Been more present?

      • Because of you, Kelly, I discovered this podcast and just LOVED this episode. Thanks so much for sharing. It’s incredibly inspiring and touches on so many thoughts I’ve had about traveling, exploring and 1-2-3 pumping off of so many things. Really enjoying this podcast 🙂

  2. sheexplores says:

    Hi Narissa! Wanted to let you know that the episode published today, “Sisters in Persistence” is about Julie and her sister. Hope you enjoy!

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