Episode 19: Finding Your Voice to Speak For Public Land

Interview with Advocate Katie Boué

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Learn how you can help protect the outdoors you love by using social media. We interview Katie Boué about how you can use the phone in your pocket to enact real-life change in an ever-changing landscape.

Katie Boué cares. She’s a resource for people – young and old – across the outdoor industry. Over the past year, she has become the megaphone for using social media as an advocacy tool. A proud Miami native with Cuban, Irish, and Venezualian heritage, Katie made a name for herself as the writer behind her blog, The Morning Fresh, writing with vulnerability about her experiences hiking, climbing, and trying new sports like trail running.

More recently, she took the social media reigns at the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA). There she learned what she already knew – social media is a powerful tool. She’s since gone freelance from her full time role with OIA, but she considers herself a full time advocate for the outdoors.

A theme for this episode is what Katie said right off the bat – we’re all in this together. We can all be advocates for conservation and public land.

Find Katie on Instagram: @katieboué

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Katie Boué Doing What She Loves

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