Episode 66: Finding Nature in the In-Between – Simone Martin-Newberry

Episode 66: Finding Nature in the In-Between

Simone Martin-Newberry

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Simone Martin-Newberry is a plant person. And the attention she pays to flora has led to her discovery that contrary to what most media would have you believe, nature is everywhere – especially if you’re open to finding it.

Simone is naturally curious. She speaks with a deep reverence for the natural world, whether she finds it within the bounds of her longtime city of Chicago or when using her vacation from her full time work as a graphic designer to take trips around the US. Simone has a beautiful blog called “Darker Than Green” where she documents her appreciation for flora with photographs, green city guides, and contemplative writing.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

-The benefits of having plants in your home
– How Chicago values green spaces
– What ‘outdoor time’ means to Simone living in a city that places importance on public space
– Why you don’t have to drive hours from your city to appreciate (and benefit from) the outdoors
– Embracing the in-between moments and reflecting them social media
– How plants can parallel the human experience
– How discomfort makes us better equipped for future decisions
– Advice for experiencing our National Parks in a way that acknowledges their history and the history of the people who lived on their land
– Why Simone identifies as an artist

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Simone Martin-Newberry; Featured in the midroll: Sasha Cox, founder of Trail Mavens.

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Appreciating Plants

Succulent cuttings

Links/Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Simone Martin-Newberry: Instagram/Portfolio/Blog

Grist.org: National Parks Video

Bell Hooks


Trail Mavens: Website/Instagram

She Explores Facebook Group



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