Episode 29 – Finding Balance in the Hustle with Sarah Knapp

Episode 29: Finding Balance in the Hustle

Interview with Sarah Knapp, Founder of OutdoorFest and Mappy Hour

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Striking out on your own means a whole lot of hustling. We interview Sarah Knapp, the founder of OutdoorFest and Mappy Hour about how she got started, how she finds time, and how she’s learning to *appreciate* an accomplishment before moving onto her next goal.

After graduating from NYU, Sarah applied to work at a ski resort in Alta, Utah. She wanted to immerse herself in the ‘ski bum’ lifestyle and surround herself with people who were as into skiing as herself. Sarah found herself at home in the outdoor community, and brought the drive to share that feeling with others back to New York.

Learn about how Sarah started OutdoorFest, a 10 day outdoor adventure festival in New York City and Mappy Hour, a rapidly growing happy hour for urban outdoorists.


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The opening story in this podcast was contributed by Sara Aranda, founder of Bivy Tales. Special thanks to Sara for her openness and vulnerability in sharing her experiences with anxiety.

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The podcast we recommended at the end of the episode is called Wild Ideas Worth Living.

Sarah de-stressing!

By Larson Harley

Sarah at a Mappy Hour (by Laura Stade)

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