Episode 146: Feeling the Loss of a Thru-Hike – Lindsey Falkenburg

Episode 146: Feeling the Loss of a Thru-Hike

Interview with Lindsey Falkenburg

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Lindsey Falkenburg is feeling the loss of a 2020 thru-hike… and remembering what she’s made of. Like a lot of 2020 thru-hikers, Lindsey canceled her plan to hike the Continental Divide Trail in June. In its absence, she’s allowing herself to feel the loss – and also filling her cup with urban hiking, art, and re-discovering her resilience.

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Featured in this episode: Lindsey Falkenburg

Outdoor Memory shared by Sarina Clark

Hosted by Gale Straub

Music in this episode is by Meydan, Lee Rosevere, Swelling, and Kai Engel using a Creative Commons attribution license.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • What thru-hiking has added to LIndsey’s life
  • A bit about Lindsey’s previous hikes of the Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest Trail
  • Why she’s intentional about building a career and balanced life between thru-hikes
  • The decision that went into canceling her 2020 southbound thru-hike of the CDT
  • Why Lindsey feels a sense of community with fellow thru-hikers
  • Why Lindsey thinks it’s important for outdoor-lovers to grieve the loss of what they were hoping for this season
  • Advice for thru-hikers who had to cancel their hikes
  • Advice for all  people who are experiencing the outdoors differently today


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Lindsey on the Trail


Lindsey on the PCT

Read more about Lindsey’s thru-hikes at TandemTrekking.com

Lindsey on the trail

Light camp setup

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