Episode 87 – Down with Adventure: Melody Forsyth

Episode 87: Down with Adventure

Interview with Melody Forsyth

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Pregnant with her daughter Ruby, Melody Forsyth thought hiking would be her “last hurrah” when she found out Ruby has Down Syndrome (DS). Turns out, it was just the beginning. We talk about what having a child with special needs has added to Melody’s hiking and personal life, and how she uses social media to break stereotypes about her little girl and DS.

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Featuring: Melody Forsyth

Hosted by Gale Straub 

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Music is by Jason Shaw via freemusicarchive.org using a CC by A license

Music is also by Bouquet and Liam McNally

In this episode, you’ll hear:

– How Melody balances the roles of mother, nurse, hiker, and wife
– The ways in which a backpacking experience in her teens has carried with her into her 40’s
– Getting started hiking again a little later in life
– Why fear of not getting to explore after having a child with Down Syndrome got Melody’s family outside
– How seeing a kid with special needs at a National Park assuaged Melody’s fears
– How Ruby connects with the outdoors
– Melody’s family’s quest to visit all the National Parks in the US
– The ways Melody uses her Instagram [@downwithadventure][3] to correct misconceptions about Down Syndrome and hiking with a child with special needs
– What Ruby has taught Melody (and can teach us!)

Melody, Ruby, and her family

Ruby and Melody

Melody and her whole family

Photo by Arika Bauer

Ruby and Melody on the trail!

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