Episode 5: Creatives On The Road

Episode 5: Creatives On The Road

Alison Turner & Amanda Sandlin

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download-2Creativity is a big part of the #vanlife that was coined by Foster Huntington. Many of the women on the road we’ve featured are photographers, writers, filmmakers, and visual artists. One reason for this is that we believe a road trip is incredibly invigorating for the mind – it leads us to create wonderful work. It’s also because if you make a living as a creative, it often means you can work from anywhere.

In Episode 5 below, we interview Alison Turner and Amanda Sandlin. They’re two very different women in different stages in their “van lives” as well as their creative careers.

Alison has lived in and out of a van for the past 5 years, and traveled in a teardrop trailer and tent before that. She picked up photography 7 years ago and has been pursuing it since. We learn that there are many reasons Alison loves to escape in her van with her rescue dog Max.

Amanda is relatively new to her life in her built-out minivan. She’s been on the road three months and is learning how to maintain her creative practice on the move. She’s found that it hasn’t been easy, but she’s enjoyed pushing herself and meeting new people.

Learn more about them both in the interviews and through their work and portfolios linked below.

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Alison Turner’s Work. See more on her portfolio site and Instagram.


Examples of Amanda Sandlin’s work. Find more through her portfolio and Instagram.



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