Episode 28: Climber, Activist, Entrepreneur, and Feminist

Interview with Shelma Jun, Founder of Flash Foxy

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Photo in banner image by Colette McInerney

Interview with Shelma Jun, founder of Flash Foxy, the Women’s Climbing Festival, and the Never Not Collective. We talk with Shelma about the ripple effect of starting small in a place that she knew: the climbing community.

Also, Madison Perrins reads her “Ode to Every Woman Who’s Ever Been Called Outdoorsy”->

Learn more about Flash Foxy and Shelma’s new media collective, Never Not Collective. Follow Flash Foxy on Instagram. Watch her in REI & Outside Mag’s short film, “Within Reach.”

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Shelma  in her element ->

Photo By Leslie Hittmeier
Photo by Colette McInerney

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