Episode 28: Climber, Activist, Entrepreneur, and Feminist: Shelma Jun, Founder of Flash Foxy

Episode 28: Climber, Activist, Entrepreneur, and Feminist

Interview with Shelma Jun, Founder of Flash Foxy

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Interview with Shelma Jun, founder of Flash Foxy, the Women’s Climbing Festival, and the Never Not Collective. We talk with Shelma about the ripple effect of starting small in a place that she knew: the climbing community.

Also, Madison Perrins reads her “Ode to Every Woman Who’s Ever Been Called Outdoorsy”->

Learn more about Flash Foxy and Shelma’s new media collective, Never Not Collective. Follow Flash Foxy on Instagram. Watch her in REI & Outside Mag’s short film, “Within Reach.”

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Shelma  in her element ->

Photo By Leslie Hittmeier

Photo by Colette McInerney

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  1. Bernadette says:

    Since watching the REI film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NsBqB21RPo, listening to this conversation, exploring Flash Foxy, having discussions with male climbing friends, and delving deep into my own research, I’m discovering more to this story. Its obvious (and Shelma eludes to this) the story is much broader than what is being presented by her and REI.

    Even though I personally have never been effected by it, no doubt, woman are faced with gender equality issues and stereotyping in our climbing community, and of course in all societies around the globe. However, men are not the enemy, and most men I’ve spoken with have a strong compelling voice, a voice most feminists would agree with in regards to how they themselves are being mis represented. Bottom line is, we need to go much deeper, we need real solutions, we need to go beyond this information presented.

    This morning, Sasha DiGiulian reposted this spectacular TED Talk from female activist, Alexis Jones https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCA6EF3y23k Alexis’s perspective is just what we need to not only get the ball rolling, but to forge ahead in a more balanced way.

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