Episode 147: Leaning into the Unknown – Chris Fagan

Episode 147: Leaning into the Unknown

Interview with Chris Fagan

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Chris Fagan isn’t a professional adventurer, but she’s spent a good deal of the leisure time in the last 30 years of her adult life seeing what she’s made of. Chris has skied unguided to the South Pole, run 100-mile ultras, sailed and paddled thought the Inside Passage, and cycled in Tanzania. Adventure is a big part of her alone time, but it’s also formed the foundation of her marriage and family life. Today, it’s helping her lean into the unknown of her husband Marty’s cancer diagnosis.

Chris is also a really thoughtful mom. And though Mother’s Day is a holiday that many of us have our reasons for choosing to celebrate or choosing not to celebrate, what Chris says about caring for family really resonates, especially living during this global pandemic. We recommend listening to this conversation through a COVID-19 filter: what Chris says about small moments, resilience, and appreciating the people in your life feels especially poignant today.

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Featured in this episode: Chris Fagan

Hosted by Gale Straub

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Chris on the Move

Chris Fagan in Antactica

Chris in Antarctica

Chris & Marty in the tent in Antarctica

L – R: Marty, Chris, and son Keenan

Chris on Mount St. Helens in Washington

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