Episode 37 – Carving Out a Home of Her Own

Episode 37: Carving Out a Home of Her Own

Interview with Biodiversity Ranger Crystal Brindle

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Photos by Crystal Brindle


Crystal Brindle is the park ranger only child of two park rangers. She was born to work for the National Park Service in the United States, so why did she decide to start a career as a biodiversity ranger in New Zealand? After a childhood on the move, Crystal found a home of her own.

The Spanish notion of querencia that Crystal describes is core to her story – that indescribable feeling that draws you to a place. Yet, her story is also about growing up, following in her parents footsteps but ultimately gaining independence as she figures out what she wants in a career and a place. And most importantly, it’s about listening to your gut when it tells you to go.

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Crystal in her Element

Crystal taking landscape photos

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