Episode 12: Carrot Quinn, After the PCT

Episode 12: Carrot Quinn

After The Pacific Crest Trail

Hope, empowerment, and appreciation. Carrot Quinn, author of “Thru Hiking Will Break Your Heart”, teaches us lessons from the trail and reminds us that WE have the power to change the world we live in. Carrot has hiked the Pacific Crest Trail twice and the Continental Divide Trail.

Following the presidential election, we were hesitant to release a podcast episode. But listening to Carrot speak, there are SO many parallels to be drawn and constructive takeaways. We’re left feeling a bit more hopeful about the future.

Read more of Carrot’s writing via her blog and follow along on her adventures through Instagram.

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Carrot shares a few photos from her time on the trail.


Carrot in her element!


(pictured L & R is Carrot’s friend Lia)

Photos (c) 2016 Carrot Quinn

Have you ever wanted to do a thru-hike?

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