Episode 138: Purpose and Perspective in the Superstition Mountains – The Cairn Project

Episode 138: Purpose and Perspective in the Superstition Mountains

The Cairn Project

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The power of a two-night backpacking trip in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona is multiplied when it’s spent with women who are motivated by a common goal: to help introduce more girls to the outdoors. We backpack with The Cairn Project.

The premise of The Cairn Project is simple: they work with ambassadors to help them host adventure fundraisers. Then they pool the money and give it out in small grants to nonprofits that get girls and young women outside.

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Featured in this episode: Alison Wright, Sarah Castle, Sally Jewell, Martha Wyckoff, Camille Fiducia, Emily Teitsworth, Marina Fleming, Ashley Carruth, Licia Sahagun, Petrika Peters, and Amanda Neiman

Hosted by Gale Straub

Music is by Josh Woodward, Kai Engel, and Lee Rosevere using a CC by A license. 

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Backpacking in the Superstition Mountains with The Cairn Project

Portraits by Camille Fiducia

Sally Jewell

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