Episode 1 – On Fear: Beginner Backpacking and Kickstarters

Episode 1 – On Fear: Beginner Backpacking and Kickstarters

Interviews with Liz Song of Snowqueen and Scout and Kit Whistler of Idle Theory Bus about the fear associated with taking BIG leaps – because starting a podcast is a little scary. We learn about why Liz started backpacking (and why she wanted to share that joy with others) and we talk with Kit the day before she launched her kickstarter for her first book.

Note: Since initial publication of this episode, Rachel has changed her name to Kit. 

We find that the fear is worth pushing through. Will you?

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The Kickstarter Kit discusses has come and gone, but you can still pre-order a copy of “Orange is Optimism” here.

Music: “So Far, So Close” by Jahzzar
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