Episode 11: Adventuring with Kids – Part 2

Episode 11: Adventuring With Kids – Pt 2 Of 2

Banner image above by Ashley Scheider courtesy of Hike It Baby

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In the second part of our “Adventuring with Kids” series, we cover some of the benefits and barriers to getting outside with your kids. Who better to talk with then the founders of “Hike It Baby” and “Born Wild Project”? They’re both providing low barrier ways to step out the door.

(R) Shanti Hodges of "Hike It Baby" by Michelle Pearl

(R) Shanti Hodges of “Hike It Baby” by Michelle Pearl

Hike It Baby” is a grassroots organization, a network of hundreds of local chapters for families with young children to coordinate hikes together. And it’s more than just that, it’s an empowering community. Their tenants of inclusiveness and leaving no one behind on hikes means that bringing your young child for a hike doesn’t have to be an intimidating experience. We talk with Shanti Hodges to learn more.

Photo by Alisa Geiser from the set of "Wild Child."

Photo by Alisa Geiser from the set of “Wild Child.”

The Born Wild Project is a creative film series and a multimedia online community focused around the benefits of bringing your children into the wild. For founders and filmmakers Aly Nicklas and Alisa Geiser,

wildness is as important a part of their adult lives as it was their childhoods. We talk about the significance of bringing young children into the outdoors to impact future conservation efforts, as well as tips for being present - with or without your phone.

Interviews with Shanti Hodges, founder of Hike It Baby and Aly Nicklas and Alisa Geiser, cofounders ofBorn Wild Project.

Featuring voice submissions from listeners: Lynn Doiron, Stephanie Harper of Raising Kids Wild andDylann Stubblefield.

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