Episode 57: Abuela Afuera – Grandmother Outside

Episode 57: Abuela Afuera – Grandmother Outside

Featuring Caro Luevanos-Garcia

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Caro Luevanos-Garcia believes the key to closing the gaps between generations can be found in the outdoors. And she also believes the inverse: that people (especially people of color) across generations can find the outdoors with the help of each other.

Caro started hiking, backpacking, and running when she retired from a career in corrections at the age of 50. Now 56, she’s run 26 half marathons in 18 states. She loves backpacking. She’s hiked Half Dome twice and section-hiked 90% of the John Muir Trail. In short, she’s made up for lost time. Now that she’s discovered that love, she wants to share it with her grandson to make sure he’s comfortable in the outdoors from a young age.

Learn more about Caro via her blog and social links, @abuelaafuera and @carohikedhere. If you enjoyed this episode, you’ll probably like 50 plus, stories from women over 50 (including grandmothers!) in the outdoors.


Carolina Luevanos-Garcia

In this episode you’ll hear:

– How Caro’s relationship with the outdoors (as a first-generation American) was influenced by her parents
– Barriers to more traditional outdoor activities for some people of color
– Why Caro started running and hiking before retirement at 50
– Advice Caro has for her younger self
– How saying yes has benefited Caro in her retirement
– Caro’s philosophy on the benefits of older people taking younger people into the outdoors
– Why the outdoor industry should represent more older people in their marketing
– A call-to-action from Caro that will help diversify outdoor spaces

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Caro Garcia

Caro on the Lost Coast Trail

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  1. Suzanne Bonilla says:

    Bravo, Caro. I too turned adventurous at 40. That’s when I started technical rock and ice climbing. At 74 I no longer do either due to some surgeries, but still ski. It’s important to keep older bones in shape.

    • Caro Luevanos-Garcia says:

      Ahhh those bones! I agree. I learned that after stress fractures on my tibias from increasing running miles too fast. My doc said….keep running. Good for your bones! Suzanne, at 74 you need to drag some kids outside to play! Thank you for your comments. Siempre adelante!

  2. JenniferSRoberts says:

    Love the stories of your dad, Caro. Thanks so much for sharing. You’re right — we need all generations out enjoying the outdoors.

    • Caro Luevanos-Garcia says:

      Thank you…Quickly….. he recently was told he needs a “real Id” from Ca DMV. He was told it is a fed mandate. He immediately asked if this meant he couldn’t go to national parks with me because of the requirement. I assured he that is not the case. I think he caught the NP bug! Ha!

  3. Anai Acuna-Swan says:

    I just found this podcast and the podcast overall is great…but I especially want to thank you both the creator and Caro for addressing being a women spending time outdoors with a Latina perspective. It is very true what she says especially first generation kids/ children of immigrants that by the nature of what most of our parents do (especially the Mexican parents that many times work in some type of agriculture/outside business) we are instilled with an awe for the outdoors but often are families definitely do not have the funds for all the fancy outdoors equipment. I didn’t start backpacking untill college…and I love it. Thank you for being another Latina in the outdoors I have not met many of us.

    • sheexplores says:

      Of course! I think you’ll also like episode 41 “Permission Slip” featuring Amanda Machado 🙂

    • Caro Luevanos-Garcia says:

      Apparently I’m a better hiker than technologist. Is that a word? I didn’t even realize there were comments. Ay. Thank you for listening and for validating my suspicions. We are restricted by more than lack of familiarity with the wild..finances count. Remember always that there’s a way around both lack of familiarity and money…. you may have to start taking people with you to broach the former and help on the latter by sharing trips. Siempre adelante!

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