Episode 57: Abuela Afuera – Grandmother Outside

Featuring Caro Luevanos-Garcia

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Banner image courtesy of Caro Luevanos-Garcia

Caro Luevanos-Garcia believes the key to closing the gaps between generations can be found in the outdoors. And she also believes the inverse: that people (especially people of color) across generations can find the outdoors with the help of each other.

Caro started hiking, backpacking, and running when she retired from a career in corrections at the age of 50. Now 56, she’s run 26 half marathons in 18 states. She loves backpacking. She’s hiked Half Dome twice and section-hiked 90% of the John Muir Trail. In short, she’s made up for lost time. Now that she’s discovered that love, she wants to share it with her grandson to make sure he’s comfortable in the outdoors from a young age.

Learn more about Caro via her blog and social links, @abuelaafuera and @carohikedhere.


Carolina Luevanos-Garcia

In this episode you’ll hear:

– How Caro’s relationship with the outdoors (as a first-generation American) was influenced by her parents
– Barriers to more traditional outdoor activities for some people of color
– Why Caro started running and hiking before retirement at 50
– Advice Caro has for her younger self
– How saying yes has benefited Caro in her retirement
– Caro’s philosophy on the benefits of older people taking younger people into the outdoors
– Why the outdoor industry should represent more older people in their marketing
– A call-to-action from Caro that will help diversify outdoor spaces

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Day 2 on the Lost Coast Trail in California
Caro and her grandson, Avi. Photo by Shannon Watkins
Caro and her Dad in Death Valley National Park – photo mentioned in episode.
Caro’s dad, Jesus Luevanos and his favorite rock in DVNP.
Hiking with Latino Outdoors
Finish Lines Crossed


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