Grand Canyon: South Rim

South Rim Of The Grand Canyon


Photos & Text By Elizabeth Courtney

I have always felt drawn to the west. I was born there and something always beckons me back. When my boyfriend and I were fortunate to be able to make the trip, I was elated. We spent our time seeing family and taking a road trip from Pheonix, Arizona up to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. With only a few days allotted we made the most out of the road trip, stopping at goofy shops, national forests and eclectic places to eat.  We hiked, laughed and lived. The spirit of the West is mysterious and alluring. I hope these photos share a glimpse into the freedom we found there.

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Photos (C) 2015 Elizabeth Courtney

Elizabeth Courtney is a photographer based out of Iowa with a focus on lifestyle portraiture. She centers her work around real-life moments. You can find more of her work on her website and instagram.


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