Heart Lake

Heart Lake Trail

Castle Lake Area

Mt Shasta, California

Photos and Text by Anne Dezort

Summary: The Heart Lake Trail is a little tricky to navigate in the snow, but worth every step. This moderate level, 3 mile loop, opens up into stunning views of Mt. Shasta, Black Butte, and Castle Lake. Throw in a little Mt. Shasta sunset magic… BOOM. You’ve got yourself a postcard afternoon.

This is the guide I used for my hike. The snow had covered up the trails however, so most of the path was up to me.

Why it’s awesome:


(FREE) Castle Lake Campgrounds

All Season and moderate hiking conditions

Mt. Shasta sunsets

Photos (C) 2015 Anne Dezort

Anne Dezort is a recent Nor-Cal transplant from Arkansas. She camps, hikes, swims cold waters, floats, and fishes. Anne also makes beautiful leather bags (thomboybags.com) and writes & plays music.

Want to see more?  Head over to her portfolio, tumblr and instagram.


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