Chautauqua Park

Chautauqua Park

Boulder, Colorado

Photos & Text by Katie Kimball

As a city dweller, my most cherished escape is heading west on the weekends. Discovering new trails and campsites richen my sense of home, as Colorado has been my lifelong place. The mountains fulfill my desire for discovery and understanding; they shut up all of my thoughts and allow me just to bask in that moment of divine purity. A nature-loving soul’s nourishment and happiness from the woods is incomparable to anything else.

Photography focalizes around the ability to capture moments full of seasonal changes, colors, and emotions that I often may not be able to remember on my own.

So here’s to the 5 am wake up call, and my small westward adventure that guided Nikolas and I to Chautauqua Park in Boulder, CO. I am a heavy chaser of light. This trip was solely about that. Light. He and I walked to the pace of the sunrise, appreciating the blessing of fresh air and beautiful summer mornings.

Cheers to dancing light, outdoor ventures, and July moments. Do not just find your place, but rather, find your places.

Scroll through the photos below & follow the light ->

Photos (C) 2015 Katie Kimball

Katie is a Colorado native who currently resides in Denver. She is 21 years old and actively pursuing Digital Design and Photography at the University of Colorado Denver. Check out instagram to see more of her work.

What gets you up at 5am?

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