The Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies

Traveling from Edmonton, Alberta

Photos and Text by Ashley Merta

I live in Edmonton, Alberta which is situated about three and a half hours from the Rocky Mountains, which also happen to be one of my favourite places to visit on this earth. I have travelled to these parks throughout my life and my appreciation for them only strengthens with time. Living in Edmonton you have to be intentional to make it to the Rockies – sometimes we make a day trip, waking with the sun and returning the same night, traveling 7 hours to spend time in our beloved mountains. The best part of the exploration is the people I get to share these experiences with. I so appreciate the friendships that have grown and developed as a result of a pursuit of adventure.

Photos (C) 2014 Ashley Merta

Ashley Merta is a 22 year old amateur photographer living in Edmonton, Alberta. She doesn’t consider herself “much of a photographer” but she enjoys learning about the art (and takes some amazing photos in the meantime!).

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