Arches National Park

Arches National Park

Photography and words by Sarah Robertson

I first visited Arches National Park as a sophomore in college. Growing up in the Pacific North West I had a bit of a narrow mindset on what a nice landscape was. If there wasn’t a waterfall or an abundance of green I was not impressed. But Arches National Park changed all of that for me.

From the moment I arrived I was completely mesmerized by the red rock. I just kept thinking to myself, how does this exist? It just seemed so unearthly – so magical. There is an air of indescribable majesty there.  There is something about those unique red arches that feels so natural to my body and soul. It is the place I go when I feel the need to be recharged.


Now that I live in Utah I find myself going to Moab more and more frequently. I love it. Whether my husband and I are running the Red Rock Relay in Moab or exploring the Primitive trails in the park – I find myself just happy to be there.

These images are from our most recent trip in February. All images taken on Portra 400 on a Mamiya AFD 645.

Photos (C) 2015 Sarah Robertson

Sarah is a photographer based out of Provo, Utah with a unique eye for the texture and detail present in nature. Shooting with film, the way colors are captured aren’t lost on the secondhand viewer. Just scrolling through her work makes Arches seem just as lively as I left it. You can follow her work and her future adventures via the links below—




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