Angeles National Forest

Angeles National Forest

Southern California

Photos and Text By Amanda Proudfit

Southern California has many options for exploring. Beaches, mountains, deserts, forests; there’s something for everyone. I prefer the mountains & forest, which are more difficult to get to than the beach, but worth the extra effort. The Angeles National Forest is one of my most accessible mountain getaways, located about an hour and a half away from the city.

I am just barely getting to know Angeles National Forest, a hidden gem that I hadn’t taken advantage of until recently. It makes for a great respite from the city environment. Clean air, blue skies, towering trees and no cell phone service; the perfect combination for a peaceful weekend retreat. Oh, and all those jeffrey pinecones littering the ground. Those giant jeffrey pinecones are the greatest. On one of my recent trips, it even rained while we were hiking – take that, drought! It feels amazing to get up there and get away. So many options for camping and trails, take the time to find a spot that feels good to you and get out there!

Photos (C) 2014 Amanda Proudfit

Amanda Proudfit is a freelance photographer raised in the mountains of Colorado, currently residing in Southern California. She strives to find the adventure in the everyday. Find her on instagram as well as her blog, Among Wildflowers.



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