Road Tripping Iceland in Teva Arrowood Boots

Teva Arrowood Boots

Road Tripping Iceland

Review by Steph Wright

Photos by Greg Balkin

The looming question of all pack lists: what shoes do I bring? I was headed to Iceland for a couple weeks in the middle of winter and needed something that was comfortable for plane travel, car rides, hikes and all of the in-between moments. Cue the Teva Arrowood Boot. Half street shoe, half lightweight trail hiker, these shoes are multifunctional and great for an adventurous vacation.

First Impression

I picked these shoes up out of the box and was instantly taken by how light they are. Teva uses a technology in the sole of the Arrowoods called FloatLite that, as the name describes, is very lightweight. I loved the sleek aesthetic and design of these shoes and initially noticed how thick and plush they were. I knew my feet would be warm and happy in these.


Despite their delicate leather appearance, I was delightfully surprised at how waterproof these shoes were. Although the snow was minimal at the time we were in Iceland, the rain and moisture was prevalent. Around waterfalls, puddles were everywhere. At one point I stepped into a six-inch deep mud pit and braced myself for a thick cocoon of brown mud around my shoe. To my surprise, when I pulled out my foot I saw nothing but pristine black suede. Almost like there was non-stick on the shoes. How did that happen? Magic, probably. My feet stayed dry the whole time.  


Teva offers different ankle heights in the Arrowood but I really appreciated the mid-high length. I felt comfortable and supported, yet not constricted when I had them laced all the way up. The ultra cushy upper of this shoe also kept it well insulated. I never worried about my feet being cold, despite the nippy Iceland wind.

The laces on the Arrowood help tighten the entire body of the shoe, providing awesome support all the way up to my ankle. My only qualm is that the chunky laces can come loose so I had to keep an eye out for that before running around.  

The sole, as I mentioned before, is made of Teva’s FloatLite technology. It’s thick but also super light, which makes this shoe very ideal for travel, easy hiking and every day use. It’s not as grippy as a traditional hiking boot so I wouldn’t recommend it as a substitute, but adequate for those everyday adventures in the woods or near the coast.  

Is it a shoe? Is it a boot?

Both! That was one of the selling features for me. The durable leather and sleek appearance can be styled differently so they are great for both every day use and the outdoors. I wore them around Reykjavik as we perused the shops and had dinner, but they also paired well with my hiking pants to explore gravel roads and run along the mossy hills in the countryside. 


Muddy Icelandic sinkholes and cold weather have nothing on these sleek leather hikers. We had a good run in the land of ice and fire and I’m excited to see what kind of trouble we get into next.   


Editor’s Note: Steph was given the boots for free by Teva for a review. These are her true and unbiased thoughts on the boots. In addition, this review includes Amazon Affiliate links, which provide a small commission for She-Explores. Learn more here.

Where would you take these boots?

  1. Stephanie Wright says:

    Hi Julie! I was surprised at their grip and they would be fine over smaller, wet rocks, however, the soles are definitely flat and I wouldn’t recommend them over a rugged bottom hiking boot. I hope this helps!

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