Kelty Dri-Down Sleeping Bag

Women’s Kelty DriDown 0° Sleeping Bag

Photos and Review By Jaymie Shearer

A few summers ago, I was living and working in San Luis Obispo, CA. The camping itch started to grow that season as my proximity to Big Sur was realized. I found an REI backpack at a local thrift store and started saving my summer paychecks for some camping essentials. By the end of summer I made a stop by REI to buy myself a sleeping bag.

A spunky woman named Heather walked me through the different bags they had, let me test them out (yes—this includes crawling onto a mat on the floor of REI and pretending to sleep) and offered her expert advice. We talked about camping in Big Sur and where our favorite spots to hike were. By the end of my time there I had found my bag—a very bright orange Kelty DriDown bag that stole my heart and some of my money. I believe this item is worth the financial investment and know this will take care of me as long as I take good care of it. The day I got it, I was so excited that I told my roommates all about it when I got home and spent most of the night hopping around the living room, refusing to take it off.  [Editor Note: what  0° bags were made for]

Since then it has kept me warm (and dry) during cold coastal camping trips, high altitude Sierra Nevada trips, and through the winter in my poorly insulated apartment. I love this bag so much and even though most of the time I am not in temperatures anywhere close to 0°, it makes for a cozy base while couch surfing. Throughout this past year I have spent a lot of time traveling around the West, couch surfing on many a friend’s couches—having this sleeping bag has added sweet consistency while living on the road.

Photos (C) 2015 Jaymie Shearer

Jaymie Shearer is a photographer with an eye for simple beauty, whimsy, and the great outdoors.  When she’s not on the road, you’ll find her in the Bay Area of California.


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