Frye Boots: Sabrina Lace Up

Frye Boots: Sabrina 6G Lace Up

Text and Photos by Gale Straub

I beat up my shoes. There’s no getting around it – I love to walk and I have a heavy step. I’m routinely wearing down tread on the heels and toes. I’ll also never be a woman with a closet full of shoes. I pick a few pairs that I like and I stick with them. I’ll put a hurting on those shoes.

Boots are no exception. I bought the Sabrina 6G Lace Up boots from Frye because they looked cute and tough. They arrived stiff and new in the mail, but, as expected, regular walking wore them in. My boyfriend waxed them for weather protection, turning them a deep chocolate brown.  This was well over a year ago, and I’ve worn them most days since.

I’ve walked on beaches in Oregon and California. I’ve tracked dirt from a dustbowl near Joshua Tree National park into our camper van. I’ve tramped through mud in the back roads of the Tetons in Wyoming. I’ve gone on countless dates – paired with a sweater dress or skinny black pants or high waisted shorts. I’ve sheepishly worn them in my previous finance job. In short, they’ve been everywhere with me.

For the above, they look worse for the wear, and I absolutely love them. Need proof? I got a second pair to wear in when I turn over the originals for new soles. I’ve got a ways to go – can’t get there bootless.

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