Airblaster Ninja Suit

Airblaster’s Ninja Suit

Merino Wool Baselayer

Review and Photos by Laura Hughes

When I first heard about Airblaster’s Ninja Suit, I have to admit—I was pretty curious. As someone who runs rather Arctic on the body temperature scale, I’m always looking for ways to beat the cold night air in the outdoors. So when I decided to invest in my first Merino Wool Ninja Suit Merino Wool Ninja Suit, I hoped that my expectations of greatness would be met with delight and fewer icicle toes at night. Comfort achievement unlocked! This piece of gear is now my new favorite item as we enter into colder months. I find myself zipping it on at every opportunity and feel completely prepared for any adventure when I’m snug inside of it.

Here’s why:

The Merino wool

I was initially very surprised at how thin the Ninja Suit is—being a one-piece base layer made for the crisp outdoors, I assumed that it would have a medium thickness. I was giddy to discover that this lightweight fabric somehow retains just the right amount of body heat needed to be warm outside. The magic of Merino! Since getting my Ninja Suit, I’ve been on camping trips, winter van excursions, and a couple of chilly holiday get-togethers which all were made better by the warmth and durability of this wearable. Lots of playing, exploring, and keeping the cold out. I feel ready for anything!



The strategic zippers

There are two zippers on the women’s Merino Wool Ninja Suit, and I love them both for their wickedly honest utility. An upper zipper runs from the waist all the way up the neck, which allows for maximum discretion in heat management. The other more unique zipper (which I’m going to refer to as the ‘bum zipper’) wraps around the rear of the Ninja Suit and is meant for the more serious business. Laugh if you want, but the bum zipper is not only smart and practical, but utterly necessary—because once you put your Ninja Suit on it’s unlikely you’ll ever want to take it off.


The colors and prints

Airblaster is playful and creative when designing the look of these Ninja Suits, which make them that much more fun to put on as a second skin. Vivid teal, firecracker red, and pizza print are just a few samples of my favorites, although Ninja Suits also come in more subdued tones like black and charcoal gray. Lots of options for everyone!


It’s designed for explorers

The human-first design of the Ninja Suit is something that I love most of all because it allows me to focus on having fun without the worry of chilly wind or snow getting in the way when I least expect it. The fitted hood, stretch, and overall proportions make this an easy go-to when getting ready for a big day in the mountains or a night inside of a tent. I’m also a sucker for anything with thumb holes, so points to the Ninja Suit on that front as well.

Photos (C) 2016 Laura Hughes

In short—winter can be cold, but that doesn’t mean you have to freeze. Give your Ninja Suit a hug and it will hug you right back.

Editor’s Note:  This is Laura’s unbiased review of a Ninja Suit that she purchased. This review also includes Avantlink Affiliate links, which provide a small commission for She Explores at no charge to you. Learn more here.

Where would you take the Ninja Suit?

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    Thanks for sharing these ideas. I like your Ninja Suit.This suit color is perfect for you. I want to gift this suit my daughter. I think she will be happy to get such a Ninja Suit.

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