By Madeleine Boga


Curled up in the meadow,

amongst yarrow and purple asters,

in the warmth of morning sun,

the hum of busy insects

lulls me to sleep.


I wake moments later,

sensing a sudden coolness.

With solar-filtered eyes,

I look up to see

the sun’s jagged rays


into a warm, glowing sphere.


A delicate shadow

creeps over its edge,


yet significant.


I fall into a rhythm

with the others around me:

dozing, rising, gazing,


to a common cosmic force.


The whole earth

pulsates in anticipation,

weaving us together

with an undulating energy.

The light grows dim,

but the sky holds its blue,

staining the surroundings

a nostalgic sepia.


As the pollinators retreat,

their steady whispers,

give way to

a collective bated breath.


And then it’s dark.


Tears of unknown origins

cascade down my cheeks.

My mind is vacant,


of familiar emotions.


Is this awe?


Whoops and howls echo

from nearby forest nooks,

decreeing our existence,

so big,

and yet small.


Cradled beneath

that star-speckled sky,

we watch

as the luminous orb

curtsies its black cloak,

giving birth

to vivid daylight.


Madeleine Boga is a regular contributor for She Explores. As an Artist, writer, explorer, and vintage shop owner, Madeleine is forever on a treasure hunt. She loves sifting through paper scraps on her studio floor, hunting for a fitting adjective, discovering new trails, and combing thrift stores. Find her on Instagram and see more creative work at

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