Stay Equipped - Books to Inspire Your Next Winter Adventure

From dog sledding to glacier skiing, ice climbing to avalanche rescue, these books delve into many different kinds of cold-weather pursuits—and inevitably, many also touch on aspects of climate while examining the forces affecting these fragile frozen places on earth—whether that’s Indigenous Arctic culture or a melting glacier.

Stay Equipped - 8 Diverse Nature Books on our “To-Read” List

Thanks to bookstagram and Alessandra Hurt's hashtag #DiverseNatureBooks, it’s becoming a little easier to find BIPOC voices in nature writing.

Stay Equipped - 15 Books About Thru-Hiking

These books take us to 6 U.S. thru-hiking trails on solo hikes, coming-of-age adventures, historical examinations, and spiritual journeys.

Stay Equipped - 15 Outdoor & Nature Books for Young Readers

In thinking about the young adventurers already in our lives (or those soon to be), we’ve gathered 15 books that are outdoor or nature related, that range in age-appropriateness from preschool to preteen.

Stay Equipped - 13 Outdoor Books from 2019 (by Women Authors) to Read this Fall

As we lean into shoulder season, we're asking ourselves the perpetual question: What should we read next? Conveniently, a lot of great outdoor books by women authors were released this year.

Stay Equipped - 12 Books on Water Conservation in the West

Curious about water conservation? We asked journalist Heather Hansman (and author of the upcoming book Downriver) what books she recommends to learn more.

Features - A Solo Camp for the Books

Ellysa Evans felt a little crazy. It was her first camping trip in 13 years and her first-ever backpacking trip. Find out what she learned about herself spending three days solo in the backcountry of British Columbia.

Podcast - Bonus Episode: Call to Action – Black Lives Matter

We compiled some resources, books to read, podcasts to listen to, and Black women and women-led organizations to uplift and support. This is by no means a complete list, but it's a start.

Stay Equipped - Winter Reading List 2018

It's the season of setting resolutions, and one of ours is to read more. This curated selection of 11 books aims to feed our curiosity and fulfill the continuing desire to be informed and inspired.

Podcast - Episode 22: Small Beauty on the Appalachian Trail – Rahawa Haile

Following the blazes and looking up at the clouds. Interview with Rahawa Haile, author of the essay "How Black Books Lit My Way Along the Appalachian Trail" on Buzzfeed.