Women on the Road Podcast Survey 2017

From Host Laura Hughes:

As we wrap up 2017, I’m looking to learn about you and what you want to hear from the Women on the Road podcast and I need your help!

Take our survey ->

As an added bonus, you’ll all receive discount codes to Ursa Major VT Traveler’s Skin Care Kit and one of you will win one!

If you have any additional comments that you’d like to communicate directly, feel free to email me: laura@she-explores.com. Please cc our editor/asst. producer gale@she-explores.com as well. 

Thanks in advance!

Laura Hughes,

Host of Women on the Road

Photo in banner image courtesy of Laura Hughes


As thanks for taking our survey, get a code for 20% off this Ursa Major VT Traveler’s Skin Care Kit and get entered to win one for yourself!

One thought on “2017 Women on the Road Podcast Survey

  1. I read your solo opening journey and the van buy. Nice. What is interesting to me is that the same fears and thoughts occur when you live in brick and mortar alone. I am a solo, alone person and have a mini van that will do travels and return to a house. I think it is the spirit of our souls that put us out into the universe. Whether in a van or a house, we struggle with the sense of adventure and often wonder, did we do the right things? I have traveled and it gets lonely, but it gets lonely also sitting on my porch. Connecting with other people make the journey worthwhile. Everyone has a story. Thanks for sharing yours. I’ll keep watching. I went to Alaska in May and want to return. Yes, the beauty of it is just amazing and draws one in. Keep going, it is so worth your adventure.

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