After two years of podcasting, we’re excited to officially announce that Women on the Road is migrating from She Explores to a new dedicated site: 

The new website will be home to all our episode landing pages, information about the community and campout, and all the new content we’re working on. We’re thrilled to have this virtual space finally built out.

Take a look around, sign up for our newsletter, and enjoy our new digs with us!

For now, all the original written Women on the Road interviews will still live here on She Explores where it all began. After all, though Women on the Road has outgrown the bounds of She Explores, everything we continue to create is built on a foundation of the diligent work of Gale Straub and generous contributions from the 100+ interviewees who responded in writing and photos over the years.

Besides, this isn’t really goodbye… Both She Explores and Women on the Road will continue to work together under the umbrella of our media company, Ravel Creative, LLC.

So, please, take a look around, sign up for our newsletter, and enjoy this new space with us!

Click on over to explore

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