Episode 2: Weekend Warrior: An Integrated Life

Hosted By Laura Hughes

Featuring Noël Russell

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Two months into her trip, Laura reflects on what living part-time in her van was like while she worked full-time in the Pacific Northwest. Learning to balance a full-time career and the outdoors isn’t always the easiest, but it’s a challenge that a lot of adventurers out there seem to navigate.

Noël Russell is the perfect person to talk to about striking the right balance in work and travel. Monday through Friday she supports homeless youth services in San Francisco, and every weekend seems to be jam-packed with exploring in her Sprinter van with her husband and two dogs. For her, it’s all integrated.

Noël’s passion and thoughtful take on life is inspiring and rooted in her values, ultimately showing weekend warriors, camper lovers, and wanderlusters alike that it’s possible to thrive while integrating work and travel.

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Noël and pup take a dip