Episode 1: What We Wish We Knew Before Hitting the Road

Hosted By Laura Hughes

Featuring Laura Patton & Gale Straub, with voice memos from other women on the road.

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We’re excited to present the very first episode of “Women on the Road.” In it, host Laura Hughes shares her backstory – which includes a bit of trepidation about setting off on the road in her Ford Transit van full time. So she turns to some current and former travelers to get their advice for life on 4 wheels. Laura asks the question:

What do you wish you knew before hitting the road? 

Since Laura doesn’t have a time machine, talking with Laura Patton of Mobile Roamers and Gale Straub (host & founder of She Explores) is the next best thing.

We also get to hear voice submissions answering the question from women who’ve lived the lifestyle first hand: Juliana Linder of @homesweetvan, Alexandra Ulmke of @agirlandhervan, Emily King of @wheresmyofficenow, Morgan Brown, Emilia Wint, and Ariel Ferree of We the Wildflowers.

If you’re curious about making the leap to full time travel, love taking long road trips on the weekends, or just want to meet some adventurous women – this episode is for you.

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Episodes will air bi-weekly on Fridays. Follow along with Laura Hughes on Instagram and learn more about her on her portfolio site.

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Host Laura Hughes
Laura Patton from Mobile Roamers

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