Episode 4: How We Built Our Adventuremobiles

Hosted By Laura Hughes

Featuring Kris Holbrook; Paige, Quinn, and their dad, Sean; and listener voice submissions

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Whether it’s an RV, van, trailer, bus, truck, or something else entirely, everyone who takes on the unique challenge of turning a vehicle into a home on wheels has their own journey. Creating a camper is a custom experience for each woman traveler so in this episode, nearly a dozen women share their build-out experiences, and amid the triumphs and trials we listen closely to hear the relationships behind each story that make these visions of travel into realities.

In addition to voice submissions from travelers Sabrina Oesterle, Leah Yanoff, Emily Hart, Alyssa Hitchcock, Julia Bonney, Sarah Ernst, and Amoris Walker, photographer and former full-time woman on the road Kris Holbrook joins host Laura Hughes to share her perspective and explain why the experience of converting her van was better done solo. Near the end of the episode, we hear from a special family whose young daughters, Paige and Quinn, designed the entire interior of the adventure van they will be spending weekends in with their dad, Sean, starting this fall.

To those wondering if it’s possible to make your vehicle into a home– this one’s for you.


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Read Kris’s written piece, “Sprinter Van Build Out: A Pseudo How-To” and check out her outdoor photography through her portfolio site
See how young sisters Paige and Quinn designed the interior of Moohah the adventure van through their engaging Instagram

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Emily Hart

Alyssa Hitchcock

Julia Bonney

Sarah Ernst

Amoris Walker

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Alyssa Hitchcock’s built-out bus

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