Episode 7: The Right Fit: Kathleen Morton

Hosted By Laura Hughes

Featuring Kathleen Morton

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Whether it’s your vehicle, where you take it, or who’s in it – being on the road sometimes means finding the right fit. And it’s not always so straightforward (in fact sometimes it’s downright messy).

Sometimes looking for the right fit is an uncomfortable process that creates times of transition from one thing to the next. When you live among an ever-changing landscape on top of that, it’s important to have something consistent to lean on. Fortunately, Kathleen Morton of Tiny House Tiny Footprint knows all about the way community can play the crucial roles of support, friendship, stability, and joy in this mobile lifestyle, especially during times of change.   

Also in this episode: what happens at a Vanlife Gathering, why the Pacific Northwest is a great place for camper life, and a short list of things Kathleen loves about vintage vehicles.


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